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Maintaining and Cleaning your Jewellery

Jewellery is meant to withstand time. But they do require care to keep their original brilliance.

With the following tips, your jewellery will stay as new for a lifetime:

1.      Never wear jewellery when you’re doing heavy work.

2.      Never wear jewellery when you clean. The chemicals can affect the gold.

3.      Always keep your jewellery separate. This will avoid scratches. Best is to keep them in their original box.

4.      Clean your jewellery regularly. Discover how below.

5.      Have your jewellery checked and maintained by your jeweler every year.


Diamond jewellery has a number of small corners which easily collect dust and dirt. This can diminish the luster of the stones after some time. You can best avoid this by cleaning your jewellery once a month:

1.      Prepare a mixture of soap and warm water. When choosing the soap, keep the gemstones in mind: Diamond, Ruby and Safire are hard stones and can endure a strong soap. Emerald and Aquamarine are more brittle and need to be cleaned with a softer soap.

2.      Use an old toothbrush (an electrical one is ideal) to clean the jewel with soap and water. Focus on the stones.

3.      Rinse carefully to remove soap and dirt. Wipe clean using a dry, soft cloth or a hairdryer.