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Terms & Conditions

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Article 1: Definitions

The customer: Every visitor to this website or one of its affiliated websites.

The company: J.M.C. Van der Veken BVBA

The product: all products offered by the company on the website.

The website:


Article 2: Privacy

All data being gathered on the website are strictly used by the company. No data or information will be lend, passed over or sold to a third party.

All data is considered strictly confidential and is thus treated.

Information is only being gathered when necessary for the correct execution of services requested by the costumer or for the processing of an order by the customer.

The customer is at all times entitled to request access to his records and to make changes to it.


Article 3: Payment

Orders will only be processed after the payment has been received or if explicitly mentioned, after the deposit has been received.


Article 4: Prices

All prices are in Euro and include 21% vat unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

Prices can be modified by the company at all times without any prior notice or announcement and without any mentioning of reason.

The price of a product is only considered definitive as of the moment of purchase and can afterward under no circumstances be changed by either the company or the customer.


Article 5: Shipments

All products are shipped using an external shipping company. The products are insured by the company until the moment of delivery. The company can in no way be held responsible for damage, loss, theft or any other loss of value after the product has been delivered to the customer.

If the customer wishes to return a product to the company for any reason, the company cannot be held responsible in any way for damage, loss, theft or any other loss of value of the product while the product is being shipped to the company.

The company will always do its utmost to process and deliver a product to the customer as soon as possible. The company does not guarantee any time of delivery.


Article 6: Accuracy of information

All information on this website concerning products, prices etc. have been gathered with the utmost care. Occasional mistakes may occur. The company cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information posted on the website.


Article 9: Accuracy of product information

The information, descriptions and images of products being offered on the website have been carefully gathered. Occasional mistakes and inaccuracies may occur. Images cannot always provide accurate information of the offered product. Therefore images may never be expected to give an exact image of the product in question.

The company cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information posted on the website.


Article 8: Intellectual property

Everything on this website is the intellectual property of the company. It is forbidden to reproduce or copy a part or the entire website without expressed written permission by the company.

Journalists may use any of the pictures on this website for the illustration of their articles, even if they have no relation what so ever with the company or its product. However, journalists are required to mention: “© Van der Veken Jewelry” next to each picture.


Article 9: Jurisdiction

In case of disputes, only the courts of the judicial district of Antwerp, Belgium are authorized.


Privacy Policy

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