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Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I visit the shop?

The shop is open from Monday until Friday between 9h30 and 17h30.

We are closed on weekends.

It is possible to visit the shop after normal opening hours and during the weekend by appointment.


Can I come visit the workshop?

Yes, our workshop is located in the back of the shop and is surrounded by glass walls. This gives you an excellent view of our craftsmen in action.


Should I make an appointment if I want to visit the shop?

No, an appointment is only necessary if you wish to visit us after normal opening hours or in the weekend. However, it is recommended that you do make an appointment if you are looking for a special jewel or if you would like to have something custom-made.


Can I visit the shop after normal opening hours or during the weekend?

Yes, please contact us for an appointment.


What is the difference between handcrafted jewellery and jewellery made using other production methods?

In one word: quality. Almost every production method uses some kind of casting. However when metal is cast, it becomes fragile and will frequently contain air bubbles. This makes the metal weak, fragile and prone to scratching.

We never cast anything. Therefore our jewelry is more solid, stronger and much more durable. We craft every part of the jewel, no matter how small, entirely by hand. Therefore we can finish and polish every nook and cranny, even the ones you can’t see.


What sort of warranty do you provide with your jewellery?

Every jewel of Van der Veken Jewelers comes with a lifetime warranty, provided you bring your jewellery in with us every year for maintenance.


How should I maintain my jewellery?

Jewellery is meant to withstand time. But they do require care to keep their original brilliance.

With the following tips, your jewellery will stay as new for a lifetime:

1.      Never wear jewellery when you’re doing heavy work.

2.      Never wear jewellery when you clean. The chemicals can affect the gold.

3.      Always keep your jewellery separate. This will avoid scratches. Best is to keep them in their original box.

4.      Clean your jewellery regularly. Discover how below.

5.      Have your jewellery checked and maintained by your jeweler every year.


Diamond jewellery has a number of small corners which easily collect dust and dirt. This can diminish the luster of the stones after some time. You can best avoid this by cleaning your jewellery once a month:

  1. Prepare a mixture of soap and warm water. When choosing the soap, keep the gemstones in mind: Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire are hard stones and can endure a strong soap. Emerald and Aquamarine are more brittle and need to be cleaned with a softer soap.
  2. Use an old toothbrush (an electrical one is ideal) to clean the jewel with soap and water. Focus on the stones.
  3. Rinse carefully to remove soap and dirt. Wipe clean using a dry, soft cloth or a hairdryer.


How much does the annual maintenance of my jewellery cost?

At Van der Veken Jewellery, we check and maintain your jewellery free of charge, Provided you have this done every year.


What determines the prize of a diamond?

The value of a diamond depends on the 4 Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Each diamond is graded on these criteria. To learn more about the 4 Cs click here.


Where can I buy Van der Veken Jewellery?

All our jewellery is available in our shop in Antwerp. For the shop details, click here.

Selected jewellery from our collections can be purchased on our website.


Can I order jewellery online?

Yes. Selected  jewellery from our collections are available for purchase online.


Can I have jewellery custom-made by phone or e-mail?

Yes. It is common for our customers, who live overseas or are unable to come to our shop, to call or mail us to order custom-made jewellery.


Can I pay secure online?

Yes. All transactions are encrypted and processed through Stripe, one of the leading providers of online payment solutions.


Do I have to pay shipping charges?

No. We will ship your order worldwide without charge.


How long does it take before my jewellery is ready?

Depending on the complexity of the jewellery and of the planning of the workshop, it usually takes between 1 to 8 weeks before your jewellery is finished.

When you place an order with us, whether in the shop or online, we will always give you an estimated timetable. We will also contact you as soon as your jewellery is ready.


What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

White gold and platinum look exactly alike at first glance. However there are several major differences.

White gold has a slightly yellowish color. Therefore it is covered with a thin layer of Rhodium, a hard, white metal, in a process called rhodium flashing. After one or two years, this wears off and the gold will regain its natural yellowish color. You then need to cover it again with Rhodium.

Platinum is naturally white and therefore does not require Rhodium flashing . Furthermore, platinum is a very hard and strong metal meaning it is more durable and requires less maintenance than gold jewellery.


Is it normal that my white gold jewellery becomes slightly yellow after some time? What can I do?

White gold has a slightly yellowish color. Therefore it is covered with a thin layer of Rhodium, a hard, white metal, in a process called rhodium flashing. After one or two years, this wears off and the gold will regain its natural yellowish color. You then need to cover it again with Rhodium.


Is having a jewel custom-made more expensive than just buying a jewel from the collection?

No. The jewellery from our collection is hand-crafted one at a time in the same way as the custom-made jewellery. Therefore the price of a jewel from the collection and a similar custom-made piece will be the same.